Christian Science Seminar (Class) Notes - Volumes 1 through 6

These are notes of a six-day seminar on Christian Science classroom teaching in accord with the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy as given in the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in the 1880’s. Their purpose is to restore to Christian Scientists and to the world Mrs. Eddy’s school of Christian Science teaching.

In an effort to preserve the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy, these notes have been compiled from teachers’ class books which conform to the doctrine of Christian Science as taught by Mrs. Eddy.


In Volume 1, we read:


"There has never been a time when life was mortal, material, or personal.

"Life is God unfolding His nature in man and the universe. Life goes on forever. The Bible speaks of going on from 'glory to glory.' This means the forever unfolding of Principle in its varied manifestations.

"Life is progressive, joyous, inspired, free, healthy, harmonious, radiant, fresh, buoyant, holy, spiritual, perfect. Life is fixed, as Principle, but it is forever unfolding with vigor and energy, in multifarious views of beauty and grandeur. Life cannot be comprehended by, or witnessed by, the five personal senses. We can neither see, feel, hear, taste, smell, nor touch Life through the personal senses. Life cannot partake of the nature of matter. Life is neither in nor of matter and cannot be expressed by matter; hence Life partakes of the nature of Mind.

"There is but one Life and this life is the life of all. Since Life is God, good, then good is Life, and there can be no evil in Life, hence no evil in our lives.

"Fear is an enemy of life. Fear is the belief or sensation that something good is going to be lessened or terminated for you; that some good is going to diminish in, or pass out of, your conscious awareness. Fear is a belief in a cessation of life; that some thing or someone is going to die or pass out of our sight; a belief that you can be separated from something that is good.

"Life is holy. We must hallow this word, for it is a sacred name for God.

"Declare often: There is only one Life, and that is God. There is no personal life. My life is God, an infinite, incorporeal, all-encompassing, all-present, all-active, everlasting Life. Declare that God, good, is the only Life of man and the universe. Life is divine. Divine Life is my God and my God is Life. Life is enthroned in my consciousness. This is the Word of God. Declare all the truths about Life. Claim this revealed Life as yours. All of Life is right where you are right now."

In Volume 2, we read:


"What would happen if there came a time when you did not forgive your neighbor his wrongs? It would mean that evil had succeeded in making you believe that it was real. It would mean error and evil were lodged in your subjective thought and that you were not using the fan and separating the fable from the fact; that you were not plunging beneath the material surface of things and finding the spiritual cause, and effect.

"True forgiving is not blindly passing over someone’s fault. It is a scientific recognition of the fact of one infinite God, who is All, the cause of all reality, and seeing that it is always expressed in the individual, spiritual idea.


"Now if a student of mathematics does not see the perfection of two times two, has he cast out his ignorance of mathematics? No. Ignorance is still with him. It is the same in Science. So, if you see or resent others’ faults you are dwelling in ignorance. If you hold evil or imperfection in your consciousness about anyone you are still believing in evil.

"Jesus said, 'For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.' (Matt. 6:14, 15) The evil you see in your neighbor is held against you. Why? Because you are entertaining error in your subjective thought as a reality, and thus are believing in man as a personality.

"As we gain more of love we see God as the only Ego, and man as an individual idea of God. We must learn what true love is, and put it into daily and hourly practice through earnest devotion of thought and energy. As we do this our concept of God as divine Love grows clearer, and this love gradually permeates our consciousness and transforms our whole outlook on life.

"In Matthew we read, 'Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.' (Matt. 18:21, 22)


"The practitioner has to realize fully that all disease and discord are entirely mental. Mankind seems convinced that the body controls the mind both in sickness and in health. When they think this, then they also think that disease originates in the body and controls men and women.

"Oftentimes Christian Scientists are liable to be caught up in this argument if they are not keeping very alert. The fact is that the very reverse is true. All of the voluntary movements of the body are the result of thought. We do not move the hand or the foot except we first think to do it.

"No disease ever finds entrance to the body but must first receive the consent of this same mortal thought, even if a person is entirely ignorant of a disease or its entrance. It is the result of a consent due to an acceptance of a belief from a false premise or basis.

"Men and women outside of Science believe that they are defenseless against all attacks of disease, but of course this is not true. The reason they think this is that they think that disease comes to them through matter instead of their mind. And because they think it comes through matter they leave the door of their thought unguarded.

"We must be alert to the fact that all discord and disease come to mortals through their mind, and not through the body or by any material means, or hereditary means.

"Because mortal mind and body are correlated, the mind controls the body with its beliefs and fears until Christ, Truth, destroys the false beliefs of this mind by the government of the divine Mind. All sin and sickness are ruled out and disappear when Truth is brought to bear through divine law.

"There is no such thing as an incurable disease. This term incurable disease is the product of the belief that disease has come to the body through material means, and that the doctors have not found a drug that they believe can cure it. But the Bible tells us that 'with God all things are possible.' (Matt. 19:26) And, 'Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.' (Mark 9:23)

"IMPORTANT: When you grasp the fact that every disease and discord comes to you through your mind — not through your body, or by any material means — you cannot help but see that there is no incurable disease.

"There was no such thing as an incurable disease to Jesus. Why? Because he worked with the power of divine Mind to cure every disease and cast out all sin. There is but one Mind that rules over all and is All. It was on this basis that Jesus healed every situation.

"Would God be omnipotent if any disease could successfully resist His power and government? God is one God and His power is supreme over all. We must understand this power of the divine Mind and prove our mastery over every sickness and every sin and prove that they have no power and no reality."


"In her November 1888 Primary class, on the second day, Mrs. Eddy said that because God is All, All-in-all, there is nothing beside Him. Because God is Life, the only Life, there can be but one. There is no organic animal life, or intellectual life. The supposition of more than one life comes from going outside the focal range of Spirit. As in optics, everything outside the focal radius seems inverted, so if we look outside the focal radius of Science we seem to see the claim of a separate life from God."

In Volume 3, we read:


"The coming of Christ is of supreme importance. No other event or process is of as great importance. It is up to each Christian Scientist to reach that determination as to its importance. Our determination of this event — the second coming — must be elevated to reach the same determination as that given in the Bible.

"What does it mean for us to recognize Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming in the flesh of the Christ? It means that her coming and the recognition of it will drive away the deepening spiritual night which is developing all around us; the spiritual gloom will be dissipated as we recognize her as the second coming.

"As we recognize Mrs. Eddy as the second coming of Jesus Christ, as we are commanded by the Bible to do — he commands us to watch for him and be ready at any hour for his appearance — it means the end of war and the reign of peace; so we should pray for this recognition to become universal in order to prevent contending armies from breaking and shattering into bloody wars. Her relation to the circumstances and events of the present hour are such that no Christian can dare, even for a moment, to be indifferent to it.

"Christ as a living, visible, fleshly presence has come, and every closing day and breaking morning we must see her face and answer her call."


"Jesus’ entire life was the denial of time and what that includes. In feeding the multitudes he knew that he did not have to wait for bread and fish. All he needed was the spiritual idea, the revelation of God. Material evolution links one thought to another and each thought depends upon the other. The idea of God, however, depends upon Mind. Mind speaks and its manifestation appears. The ideas of God are always present and are dependent upon Mind only, for their manifestation.

"The disciples’ thoughts were material, and they depended upon other thoughts, but Jesus knew that the substance which was necessary to feed the multitudes was objectified by the divine Mind which was always present.

"We must stop linking one thought to another, such as the need for grain and yeast in order to have bread; the need for raising stock and preparing it in order to have meat; and so on. We must look to Mind, instead. Mind is speaking and its manifestation is appearing constantly. We see this manifestation as we overcome false belief and time.

"Time is the greatest enemy. If we keep on believing that time is a factor in our lives we will continue to be bound and limited. (In treatment often begin with the denial of time. Man is perfect right now, and so on.)

"Jesus said, 'And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.' (Matt. 10:7) So, the manifestation of Mind is right here and now. Eternity is right here. There is no past or future. Jesus’ healing work was instantaneous because he was proving eternity, and the unreality of time and its so-called substance."


"We have never thought that fear was a sin, because we have thought that it was inevitable. But fear is a sin. It is a supposition that evil is real, and that good can be taken from you. It is a belief that evil has mind and power. That material things are real and can be injured, lost, worn out, or destroyed. But the fact is that all that has ever existed is the one Mind, good, and the forms of thought which manifest its attributes. Mortal mind tries to counterfeit them and call them things of matter.

"Fear is a sensation of mortal belief. It is one of the 'fiery darts' of evil that says, 'I am afraid.' The consciousness that says that, is founded on evil. The voice of Truth says, 'I am All-in-all. I am Truth. I am Love, and there is no fear, for I did not make it.' Fear is an attribute of mortal mind. Do not say merely God’s child cannot fear. That does not go far enough. We must lay the axe at the root of error. So, know that there is no fear, and therefore I cannot be afraid, for God did not make it.

"Everything is Mind and its expression, and is spiritual, perfect, and eternal. All good is present, and can never be taken from you; cannot be lost, cannot decay, wear out, become damaged, or the personal possession of any man. Everything is God, and all things belong to Him, and we all express Him.

"We must see fear as baseless. Evil has no mind, and we do not believe in any mortal mind. Mind knows no evil, and so there is no reality to fear. There is nothing to believe in evil; nothing to believe that it has any power, presence, activity or mind. There is but one claim of fear — and that is a lie — and that one claim seems to cover the whole face of the ground; that evil is real and that good can be taken away.

"So, strike at the root of the claim of fear — know that there is no evil mind. There is no fear, for good is All-in-all."

In Volume 4, we read:


"Death is but one of the illusions of error. It is not a step in man’s spiritual progress. It is no friend. It will not restore anything to man.

"Material existence is a dream. This waking dream is every bit as much a dream as is the sleeping dream. It has no reality. Mortal man is this dream. Take away the dream and you take away mortal man. The dreamer and the dream are one, just as the belief and believer are one. What is it that sees the dream, and is conscious of it? It is material sense. Matter takes no cognizance of matter. Take away so-called mortal mind, and matter cannot cognize matter.

"The dead body is just matter with the dreamer, that is, mortal mind, passed into a new state of consciousness. So the dead body cannot see, feel, hear, or take cognizance of matter, because it is only mortal mind — the dream sense — that does so, and ever did. So, you see, matter cannot take cognizance of matter. Matter does not take cognizance of bodies, persons, things. What is it, then, that seems to? It is mortal mind, the dream sense itself, but it is never the body that does so.

"If you dream at night your dream produces a body which you call you, but does this body in the night dream ever see, hear, or feel through the body? No. It is the dream — and the dream only — which sees, hears, feels, acts, and is conscious, the mind alone. When that dream ends, the body goes with it. The dream, or mind, constitutes it. It seems to be you, but it isn’t. It seems to act, suffer, enjoy as a body, but no such things are taking place as a body. It is all the dream-sense. It takes place in corporeal sense but not in matter. That is exactly the same in the waking dream. Matter, or the body, never sees, hears, feels, or talks through the body. It is the dream, or mortal mind alone which does this, in belief.

"If matter were self-cognizant, then the dead body would still see, hear, feel, and so on, would it not? But matter — the body — has never done so. It is only mortal mind — the dream — which constitutes matter’s supposed selfhood. (If one doesn’t do it in the dead body, he doesn’t do it in the live body.)

"So, what is the selfhood of matter? Mortal mind, the dream. Is man ever a selfhood of matter? No. It is error which says, 'I am man.' Just as in the night dream you embrace your body in your thought, so is it in the waking dream. You are NOT in the body; the body is A CONCEPT of you which you entertain. But you are never inside of it; never really a servant of it. No matter what seems to happen to the body in the night dream it does not affect your consciousness in the slightest, does it?

"Remember that the dream is mortal mind, material sense, and so is the dreamer. It is not man; it is not you. Your true being, outline, form, are in divine Mind and are forever safe and secure, permanent, and real, reflecting and expressing the one infinite God."

In Volume 5, we read:


"What was the transfiguration of Jesus?

"It was a transformation. The Bible tells us that in this changed form 'his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.' (Matt. 17:2) Now this light was not of the sun, but was divine light. It was the light of spiritual understanding and revelation in which appear the forms which people God’s universe, and out of which all identities are formed. Jesus was illustrating and exemplifying the scientific translation or transformation of the body. He was showing us what each one must do in order to rise above the beliefs of matter. So, we must translate matter into Spirit, transfigure our thinking, and thus transform our bodies. We have to come naturally and normally into the kingdom of heaven through scientific growth and spiritualization of thought. That is our mission, just as it was Jesus’ mission. It does not mean a sudden and miraculous disappearance to the human sense at some time in the distant future, through some mysterious means. It means a daily transformation of thought and a changed appearance here and now. We each have to put on a diviner form right where mortals are beholding what appears to them as our body. So, the human body changes to a diviner form as we are rising in thought, until we reach the absolute, and then the material melts and dissolves into its native nothingness.

"So, we must rise up to the light, up the Mount of Transfiguration, to the consciousness of God, which constitutes the real man and universe."


"Animal magnetism, as explained in Science, is the specific name for all error, or mortal mind. It covers all evil.

"So, if your house is on fire, handle animal magnetism. If your child is sick, handle animal magnetism. Handle it in every case.

"Animal magnetism 'is either ignorant or malicious.'

"Mrs. Bell, the lecturer’s wife, was on a trip to Africa. They were five weeks on the water and one day she began to feel seasick. She declared, 'Oh, I know what you are; you are suggestion and I am not going to let you in. If I did, you would use me. You are not one part of me; you are animal magnetism in its suggestive form.' And that was the end of that.

"Be sure to keep your thoughts at home, and know only good about everyone and everything. Every time you think error about anyone you are malpracticing. Every time you talk of error about anyone, you are malpracticing.

"Know only good about everyone and everything.

"Declare: I cannot be made to harm myself; I cannot be made to harm another; another cannot be made to harm me.

"Suppose someone is being used by evil thought. You must lift the thought from them. Don’t blame them and bind the thought to them.

"Remember that there is no power to resist or prevent any healing. There is no disease or condition which cannot be healed. We do not look for some evil in thought and say that they cannot be healed because they think, or do, so and so.

"There are no barriers to healing, and be sure that you do not put up any barriers. If you do, that is ignorant malpractice.

"Jesus’ thought was pure, and there were no barriers to healing of any kind.

"Man is perfect now and forever. Any discord, disease, sin is just suggestion, the serpent’s whisper, a lie."

In Volume 6, we read:


"Suppose someone came to you for help for a bodily ailment, how would you treat them?

"You would change their thought. When their thought is changed from material belief to the spiritual fact, their body corresponds.

"In order to change their thought you would declare the truth and demand the error to come out. You would know the error had no place in Mind.

"You would correct the error in the human consciousness, by knowing that man is spiritual consciousness right now. You would not correct it in one place or another on the body.

"Disease does not exist, and you must know that.

"There is just one Mind and the manifestation of that Mind. There is no material body.

"We do not treat body as does materia medica. Jesus did not treat body, and he did not destroy anything. He did not destroy the material body. He healed. So let us heal.

"When Jesus restored Lazarus he had the same body that he had before it was placed in the tomb, even though it had lain in the tomb for four days. Error says that a body which has been dead for four days has begun to decompose. But the body is not self-acting, and does not die, or decompose, because the individual human consciousness always maintains within itself a perfect manifestation of its identity and individuality which is the objective condition of its present state of thought, until that thought ascends. Consciousness never dies or decomposes, and neither does its objective state, or body. It is transformed. So, even though mortal mind suggested that the body of Lazarus was beyond restoration, Jesus brought him back through the realization that nothing had happened to the consciousness of Lazarus or his mind, and consequently nothing could destroy or decompose the manifestation or objective condition of that consciousness.

"Jesus awakened Lazarus just where he was, in the scale of human thought. Death does not change the body, or restore anything to the body."


"Individuality is defined as 'the quality which distinguishes one person, or thing, from another; separate or distinct existence.'

"So your individuality is your 'separate oneness.' You and all other individual ideas of God are the reflection of God, and express His image and likeness, but all have distinctness and separate oneness from the other individual compound ideas.

"We can say that in music the notes are all at one with the scale, but each note has distinct individuality, or separate oneness from the other notes. For instance, 'C' on the scale in music says that it is at-one with the scale, but that it expresses its individuality differently from 'A.' But both have their identity with the scale. Each one, though, has its own place and individual expression. Each one is vital and important. We can say that each tone is individual, distinct, yet it reflects the scale which includes multifarious tones and combinations of tones.

"So it is with all of the individual compound ideas of God; they have separate distinctness, or individuality, but are at one with the infinite Principle, God, and by reflection include all the right ideas of God, which is man’s identity.

"So identity means likeness, at-one-ment. Individuality means distinctness, separate oneness."


"In every treatment you must include law. Law is divine Mind in operation. It is spiritual thought-force.

"The very word 'law' implies Mind, then. So, in our treatments we must make the distinction between the supposititious operation of the human mind, which it calls laws, and the real law of Mind. There is just one law, and this law comes from the operation of Mind. Paul writes, 'the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.' (Rom. 8:2) That is, from the beliefs of the human mind which are called laws. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, then, has exposed the unreality of so-called material laws, and, seeing the unreality, has made me free.

"So, the law of God is operating everywhere, but to the human consciousness which seems to have accepted false beliefs, theories, and opinions called material laws, the divine law must be applied through treatment, through declaration, even as God does, until false laws — that is, false opinions — disappear.

"So, in every treatment we must know and declare that it is the operation of the law of God. We are not just calling out for help to God.

"There is no guesswork in Christian Science: no doubt as to the outcome, no uncertainty. The rules are fixed and unalterable.

"When you sit down to work out a problem in mathematics you don’t wonder if your application of the rules will bring the right results, do you?

"Well, the Principle of Christian Science is equally as perfect, and the rules are perfect.

"Realize that your treatment, when properly and scientifically given, is the operation and enforcement of spiritual law.

"Just as Moses invoked the law of God when he divided the Red Sea, and also when he brought water from the rock, so do you invoke and use the law of God in your treatment.

"God declared His Word, 'uttered His voice,' which means that He laid down His law, and 'the earth melted.' Every false belief of matter and earth melts before the law of God.

"So, you see, all law is thought-force, Mind-force in operation. The beliefs and phenomena of the physical universe, whether good or bad, animate or inanimate, appear as the result of supposed laws. On the other hand, the spiritual reality, man and the universe, appears as the result of God’s law, the thought-force of divine Mind.

"So, the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has exposed the unreality of so-called material laws, AND, SEEING THE UNREALITY, HAS MADE ME FREE.

"Our treatments, then, are declarations of the Word of God, let there be light, and this light of divine law exposes the darkness, or unreality, of so-called material law, and, the unreality being seen, the patient is made free.

"That is how treatment heals. It is as light destroying darkness. It is God’s law of spiritual understanding exposing the unreality and nothingness of matter and its supposed laws, and thus making free.

"It is not two opposing laws fighting in mortal combat. It is reality exposing unreality, and unreality falling when its nothingness is seen."

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