Christian Science Seminar (Class) Notes - Volume 3

These are notes of the third day of a six-day seminar on Christian Science classroom teaching in accord with the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy as given in the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in the 1880’s. Their purpose is to restore to Christian Scientists and to the world Mrs. Eddy’s school of Christian Science teaching.

In an effort to preserve the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy, these notes have been compiled from teachers’ class books which conform to the doctrine of Christian Science as taught by Mrs. Eddy.

In Volume 3, we read:


"The coming of Christ is of supreme importance. No other event or process is of as great importance. It is up to each Christian Scientist to reach that determination as to its importance. Our determination of this event — the second coming — must be elevated to reach the same determination as that given in the Bible.

"What does it mean for us to recognize Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming in the flesh of the Christ? It means that her coming and the recognition of it will drive away the deepening spiritual night which is developing all around us; the spiritual gloom will be dissipated as we recognize her as the second coming.

"As we recognize Mrs. Eddy as the second coming of Jesus Christ, as we are commanded by the Bible to do — he commands us to watch for him and be ready at any hour for his appearance — it means the end of war and the reign of peace; so we should pray for this recognition to become universal in order to prevent contending armies from breaking and shattering into bloody wars. Her relation to the circumstances and events of the present hour are such that no Christian can dare, even for a moment, to be indifferent to it.

"Christ as a living, visible, fleshly presence has come, and every closing day and breaking morning we must see her face and answer her call."


"Jesus’ entire life was the denial of time and what that includes. In feeding the multitudes he knew that he did not have to wait for bread and fish. All he needed was the spiritual idea, the revelation of God. Material evolution links one thought to another and each thought depends upon the other. The idea of God, however, depends upon Mind. Mind speaks and its manifestation appears. The ideas of God are always present and are dependent upon Mind only, for their manifestation.

"The disciples’ thoughts were material, and they depended upon other thoughts, but Jesus knew that the substance which was necessary to feed the multitudes was objectified by the divine Mind which was always present.

"We must stop linking one thought to another, such as the need for grain and yeast in order to have bread; the need for raising stock and preparing it in order to have meat; and so on. We must look to Mind, instead. Mind is speaking and its manifestation is appearing constantly. We see this manifestation as we overcome false belief and time.

"Time is the greatest enemy. If we keep on believing that time is a factor in our lives we will continue to be bound and limited. (In treatment often begin with the denial of time. Man is perfect right now, and so on.)

"Jesus said, 'And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.' (Matt. 10:7) So, the manifestation of Mind is right here and now. Eternity is right here. There is no past or future. Jesus’ healing work was instantaneous because he was proving eternity, and the unreality of time and its so-called substance."


"We have never thought that fear was a sin, because we have thought that it was inevitable. But fear is a sin. It is a supposition that evil is real, and that good can be taken from you. It is a belief that evil has mind and power. That material things are real and can be injured, lost, worn out, or destroyed. But the fact is that all that has ever existed is the one Mind, good, and the forms of thought which manifest its attributes. Mortal mind tries to counterfeit them and call them things of matter.

"Fear is a sensation of mortal belief. It is one of the 'fiery darts' of evil that says, 'I am afraid.' The consciousness that says that, is founded on evil. The voice of Truth says, 'I am All-in-all. I am Truth. I am Love, and there is no fear, for I did not make it.' Fear is an attribute of mortal mind. Do not say merely God’s child cannot fear. That does not go far enough. We must lay the axe at the root of error. So, know that there is no fear, and therefore I cannot be afraid, for God did not make it.

"Everything is Mind and its expression, and is spiritual, perfect, and eternal. All good is present, and can never be taken from you; cannot be lost, cannot decay, wear out, become damaged, or the personal possession of any man. Everything is God, and all things belong to Him, and we all express Him.

"We must see fear as baseless. Evil has no mind, and we do not believe in any mortal mind. Mind knows no evil, and so there is no reality to fear. There is nothing to believe in evil; nothing to believe that it has any power, presence, activity or mind. There is but one claim of fear — and that is a lie — and that one claim seems to cover the whole face of the ground; that evil is real and that good can be taken away.

"So, strike at the root of the claim of fear — know that there is no evil mind. There is no fear, for good is All-in-all."

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