Bible Lesson Analyses on CDs

Dear Friends,

In 1984, Stanley C. Larkin, founder of the Christian Science Endtime Center, prepared 51 in-depth analyses of the weekly Christian Science Bible Lessons of December 1911 through November of 1912, and recorded them on audio cassette tapes. His recorded introduction gives a thorough explanation of the value and purpose of the Lesson-Sermon. These Bible Lessons, formulated by students of Mary Baker Eddy, were intended to reinforce her class teaching, break the doctrinal barriers between the Christian churches (Pul. 22:16), and preach “this gospel of the kingdom,” as spoken of by Christ Jesus in Matthew 24:14.

In order to reach a larger audience, we are converting Mr. Larkin’s tapes to CDs. They have been recorded as originally given, but tracks have been added to divide the recording logically for ease in locating specific sections. Three CDs of the following Bible Lesson analyses are now available for order: “God the Preserver of Man” of Dec. 1911, “Soul” of Aug. 1912; and “Christ Jesus” of Sept. 1912. The suggested donation is $12.00 each, including postage. Eventually all the tapes in the series will be converted and made available for purchase. The cassette tape version is still available upon request.

We also offer a publication titled "The Weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson-Sermons." This compilation of articles from 1899 to 1943, published in the Christian Science periodicals, gives valuable information on the history of these early Lesson-Sermons and how to study them. It is available for a suggested donation of $10.00 plus postage.

Orders may be placed online at our Bookstore or directly from the Endtime Center. We will notify you when additional taped analyses have been converted to CD.

Sincerely yours,

Board of Directors, Christian Science Endtime Center

God the Preserver of Man (Dec. 1911)

Soul (Aug. 1912)

Christ Jesus (Sept. 1912)

Life (Jan. 1912)

God (Jan. 1912)

Sacrament (Jan. 1912)