Articles on Christian Science by Nellie B. Mace - Volume II

Our second collection of Mrs. Mace's writings contains 14 inspiring articles. 78 pages.

The following are excerpts from Volume II:

"One or more wrong conditions of thought may have been uncovered and destroyed at the time of one’s first healing of physical disease. The physical and mental discords disappeared as a single unreality. Later on, — it may be soon or after several years, — other circumstances and evil influences may arise which make an appeal to the old emotions of fear, rebellion, bitterness. If these be indulged, there may come a day when one stands confounded before a recurrence of some disorder which he had felt confident was healed; but it is not the same manifestation. Nothing which is really destroyed returns. The first healing definitely and finally removed the expression of an evil belief in one specific instance; now the work must go deeper. The entire rootstock of belief in materiality must be unearthed and destroyed. The last liability to evil emotions, fears and lusts, must be torn out. Since 'the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth,' to quote Isaiah, the false consciousness itself which nourishes the material belief must be exchanged for spiritual consciousness, the scientific understanding of Principle." ("Like devastating witch-grass")

"The proverb which describes the human struggle against poverty and want as an effort to 'keep the wolf from the door' hints a deeper metaphysical truth than may be commonly supposed. Poverty of any form, whether it be want of means, of health, or of happiness, like all material phenomena, is the manifestation of some erroneous state of mortal thought which is, as Christian Science shows, mentally produced. Speaking from the spiritual viewpoint, infinite, divine Principle environs man as the child of God with the affluence and contentment of pure Mind. The rapacious 'evening wolves,' of the prophet’s phrase, which prey upon human consciousness to steal away the realization of this spiritual fact, are simply the unreal beliefs of the mortal mind preying upon itself, and externalizing its poverty in what may seem to the human mind a lack of material things or in the obverse penury which often attends the unglorified possession of many material things." ("Keeping the Wolf from the Door")

"Jesus the Christ came to earth to show men the way out of the flesh.... He knew that all man really possesses, all that he loves, is spiritual, wholly distinct from matter. Then because of his understanding of the spiritual idea, he willingly taught others how to destroy all the errors of the carnal mind, in order that there might be revealed to men freed from materiality 'a new heaven and a new earth,' the true dwelling place of man as a spiritual being, as the child of God. Jesus proved that the asserted substance and laws of matter are unreal, the forces of evil powerless. He showed disease to be illusion and death non-existent. He was able to do all this because he knew that the appetites and passions of the carnal mind have no power over God’s man; because, in short, he sacrificed to Principle the entire belief in any possible life and intelligence in matter opposed to Spirit." ("The Inspiration of Sacrifice")

"The dismay which the human mind sometimes feels when it begins to see that the reality of Life must be without material accompaniments, arises from the vast discrepancy between the present mortal sense of substance as matter and the realization that Spirit is the only substance and being. Yet it is just this knowledge which reveals the foundation of all true beauty to be the divine Principle in which inheres infinite potentiality, all law, order, harmony, action. To perceive beauty as spiritual, apart from sensuous appeal, is to liberate the human mind from its dependence upon matter in every other mode of thought." ("'Without material accompaniments'")

"To the man who seeks refuge in Truth, the elements of harmony — the spiritual love, joy, peace, patience, and purity, which Paul enumerates as fruit of the Spirit — are disclosed. The daily panorama of evil beliefs presents itself for destruction, not for verification as the reality of existence. Whether evil comes in the guise of personal sickness, difficulties, limitation, a general epidemic, corrupt governments, institutions, or what not, a man is able, through scientific understanding, to resolve the manifestation of evil into its elements of fear, hate, jealousy, greed, impurity. Every element of subjective evil belief, which produces the outward manifestation of evil shall eventually be thus purged away into its native nothingness by the operation of divine Principle, or Truth." ("Good and Evil Elements")

Titles in this volume include: "'Like devastating witch-grass,'" "Woman's High Destiny," "'Without material accompaniments,'" "Keeping the Wolf from the Door," "The Inspiration of Sacrifice," "'Our unselfed better self,'" "The Dawn of a New Era," "'For a skyward flight,'" "'Seasoned with salt,'" "Prayer," "Immortality of the Word," "'Good and evil elements,'" "Rock as a Symbol," "The Adornment of Meekness."

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