Articles on Christian Science by Nellie B. Mace - Volume I

15 inspiring articles by Nellie B. Mace. 77 pages. These articles originally appeared in early issues of "The Christian Science Journal" and the "Christian Science Sentinel." They serve to reinforce Mary Baker Eddy's school of Christian Science.

According to one account, Mrs. Mace was asked to help maintain the purity and clearness of the Christian Science periodicals at about the time Mary Baker Eddy called Annie M. Knott to Boston for the same purpose.

The following are excerpts from Volume I:

"The delay which Christian Scientists sometimes experience in overcoming disease or discord may arise from a mistaken attempt spiritually to improve the manifestations of material sense. That which has no real existence cannot very well be improved. Demonstration in Christian Science does not depend upon any condition recognized or reported by material sense; it eliminates material sense. Jesus the Christ displaced material sense with spiritual sense, and through the awakening of the dormant spiritual sense the individual invariably perceived harmony where material sense had appeared to leave its evil impression....

"In not one of the cases of instantaneous healing effected by Jesus was the immediate physical change possible from the standpoint of sense-testimony; but spiritual sense takes no account of mortal time limitations. Jesus showed that time and space and sentient matter are all unreal subjective states of an unreal mortal mind. He proved that instantaneous change from material perception to the spiritual apprehension of Truth is possible. This change of perception is the one thing to be desired and to be labored for." ("Perception and Impression")

"The force of our Masterís benediction upon them 'that mourn,' lies in the idea conveyed by the word 'comforted;' but mortals are so prone to reverse spiritual ideas and look at all things materially, that they too frequently miss the comfort because attention is centered upon the mourning, failing to see that in order to experience the former we must forsake the latter....

"Wholesome reaction against grief is a gleam of light from the truth that sorrow is unreal, and is consequently unknown in the realm of Spirit. This does not mean that the precious urn of tender memories should be ruthlessly demolished. It only means that it is the duty no less than the privilege of mourners to accept the comfort so divinely provided, and then, O miracle of Love! our loved ones are given back to us in a purified, spiritualized ideal that cannot be lost, and the truer ties that link Godís children are seen to be forever established." ("'They shall be comforted'")

"Perhaps there are problems in business which tend to harass, bringing a struggle for supply. Then it is certain that the metaphysical fact that business is in consciousness, not in matter, has not yet been fully grasped. God imparts to man, directly out of His own volition and infinitude, the spiritual idea of abundance as spiritual, not material.

"On the other hand there may seem to be a long drawn out problem of ill health. This too must pass away before a more earnest consideration of the great problem of being which demands that Life be understood as not in matter, not to be impaired or destroyed by matter. The sick thought pictured forth in a sick body is but a fabrication of the belief of a material mind in matter." ("Problem of Being")

"Was not the world really ready for the demonstration of Jesus of Nazareth, though it crucified him? The rampant material ascendency of his day was but the rage of the carnal mind, pierced by the truth he uttered, advancing toward its final annihilation. Jesus did his work on the assumption that the age was ready for the revelation of the Christ which he presented. The truth he taught has been the one persistent fact of subsequent history, until at last Mrs. Eddy, picking up the threads of revelation, proceeded in the faith that the world was ready for the further revelation of the Science of Christ. But for her steadfastness in the face of the very opposite material appearance, her work could not have been accomplished. Is it not true that every family is being made ready for the revelation of spiritual fact when any member of that family first perceives the truth?" ("Who Are Ready?")

Volume I includes the following articles: "Giving," "An Object Lesson," "Testimony," "The Spirit of Friendship," "The Widow's Mite," "The Spirit of Service," "'The poor in spirit,'" "'They shall be comforted,'" "Office and Officer," "Problem of Being," "Who Are Ready?," "'For righteousness' sake,'" "Perception and Impression," "The Sign of the Fish," "Compensation."

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